800+ snakes found in man's home

Posted Sep 20, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Authorities say that more than 800 snakes, including two 6-foot Burmese pythons, which are illegal in the state of New York, were found inside a man's home, where he ran a side business selling them.
File photo: Snakes are found on every continent.
File photo: Snakes are found on every continent.
Cyril Blazy
According to USA Today, the man, Richard Parrinello, is also an animal-control officer. The snakes that were found in his Shirley home were worth around half a million dollars.
According to Fox, a spokesman for the town of Brookhaven, Jack Krieger, said that Parrinello has worked as an animal-control officer for the town since 1988, but on an on-and-off basis.
According to CNN, authorities said that all of the snakes seemed to be in good health and that there was neglect or animal abuse.
Authorities also said that the facility was well-maintained, clean and very organized. Parrinello also had a website called "Snakeman's Exotics," which advertised the collection of various snakes. The site said that the snakes were available for sale domestically and internationally.
Weeks of investigation into alleged workers compensation fraud lead officials to the home of Parrinello and that is when they discovered the reptiles.
Parrinello was not arrested or charged with anything, but he was in violation of the town code, since he was running a business from his residence.