Bill Gates passes Mexico's Carlos Slim as world's richest man

Posted Sep 17, 2013 by John Sevigny
For 20 straight years Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been the richest man in America and at moments, the world's wealthiest man. He has now again surpassed telecom billionaire Carlos Slim to become the richest person on the planet.
Bill and Melinda Gates
Bill and Melinda Gates at a press conference
Photo courtesy Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Forbes reported that Gates is now worth $72 billion, putting him again at the top of the list of billionaires. Slim has slipped on the list as Mexican stocks have fallen over the past year.
Celebrity Net Worth estimates Slim's fortune to be $66.8 billion.
"Bill Gates retains the top spot on the Forbes 400 for the twentieth straight year, at $72 billion.," Forbes reported Tuesday. "Up $6 billion from 2012, Mr. Gates is once again the world’s richest person, having passed Mexico’s Carlos Slim in May."
Warren Buffet, who added $12.5 billion to his fortune, retained his position as second richest man in America. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, came in third place.
In the meantime, Fox News Latino reported that after the 2008 financial meltdown the gap between the wealthiest Americans and everyone else in the country has widened dramatically. The Internal Revenue Service said last week, that the top 1 percent of earners in the United States collected 19.3 percent of 2012 household income.