PlayStation 4 or Xbox One: Catchy decision-inspired rap

Posted Sep 15, 2013 by Kirstin Stokes Smith
Many gaming enthusiasts are still on the fence about buying next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. At the beginning of August, JT Machinima recorded and published this YouTube video which takes a playful (and catchy) look at the competition.
The Sony PlayStation 4
The Sony PlayStation 4
The video, which has had notable, but modest success at 144,966 views, is the creative work of JT Machinima, a duo known in the gaming and YouTube community as Patfan8326 and Skullkruncher13.
JT Machinima is a name derived from Skull and Pat's first names, John and Timothy. Their JT Machinima YouTube identity was created in 2009. Skull and Pat's rise to fame came after Machinima and Treyarch signed them for their popular video game raps.
Xbox One will be available for purchase on Nov. 22, while PlayStation 4 is scheduled for release Nov. 15.