Anti-war-on-terror group's free speech challenged in Ottawa

Posted Sep 13, 2013 by Victoria N. Alexander
On September 18th, the Ottawa Transit Commission will meet to decide whether or not an anti-war, pro-civil liberties group, currently running ads on 300 buses in Ottawa, will be allowed to continue to air their message.
Ottawa Transit Commission
Diane Deans, Chair of the Ottawa Transit Commission, called the ReThink911 ads "insensitive" and has requested a review of Ottawa's advertising policy, according to 1310 News. Jim Watson, Ottawa's Mayor, says the ads are "disrespectful" but protected by free speech, according to Sun News.
The ads ask the question, "Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?" referencing Building 7, a forty-seven-story high-rise in the World Trade Center complex that fell neatly into its footprint at 5:20PM on September 11, 2001. A coalition of non-profit groups, representing 100 victims' family members as well as 2000 architects and engineers, is behind the ReThink911 campaign. The group argues that the government's claim that the building came down due to "normal office fires" is false. A new poll shows that, after viewing video footage of Building 7′s collapse, 46% of people suspect that it was a controlled demolition.
A Time magazine article, appearing last Wednesday, reported on the Rethink911 billboard in Times Square. The article notes that "City Outdoor, the owner of the billboard...would not comment on whether it has considered rejecting the advertisement." The article cites two polls, taken in 2006 and 2011, to make the claim that support for a forensic investigation of the towers' destruction declined from 16% to 15%. Conspicuously absent from the Time article is the 2013 poll--currently very visible on Internet searches and heavily promoted by the Rethink911 campaign--which shows that, on average, about 1 in 2 Americans now question the government's version of events.
Appearing on C-Span in August, Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida was asked to comment on Building 7. He replied,
“Now that bin Laden is dead, and now that 9/11 is a decade behind us and more, I think that a good argument could be made that the documents that the federal government has regarding the 9/11 attacks should be declassified, and then the truth will come out.”
The Rethink911 campaign is running in seven U.S. cities as well as in Vancouver, Toronto, London and Sydney.