Health watchdog charges dementia patient's face bitten by mice

Posted Sep 13, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
A group in the Canadian province of Alberta is claiming that the wounds on a dementia patient's face at a care home in Lethbridge, Alta. are a result of being bitten by mice. The owners of the St. Therese Villa claim the wounds are from a virus.
Deer mice apparently crossed the lakes on the way into Michigan. Now the lakes could trap the mice  ...
Deer mice apparently crossed the lakes on the way into Michigan. Now the lakes could trap the mice, which are in the midst of a migration induced by climate change. Photo: Phil Myer
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Three workers at the Villa have been suspended with pay during an investigation into the charges, brought about by 'Friends of Medicare'. There's no indication as to the position the suspended workers held and their names have not been released.
"This situation is beyond reprehensible, it is utterly appalling," Sandra Azocar of 'Friends of Medicare' said in a press release. "Staff at this facility have been expressing concerns regarding mice for the past year, and this is the same facility that has had an ongoing bed bug issues for over nine months."
Long-care home owners deny mouse bites
The owners of the St. Therese Villa, Covenant Health, took a full day before responding to the charges but while they admit there have been mice in the facility they insist it was not mice that wounded the disabled woman's face.
Mark Wells is a spokesperson for the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees and he said that the workers would remain off the job until the investigation was complete. Mr. Wells did not say if the investigation had yet begun.
Members of 'Friends of Medicare' say that on Sept. 1 mice were seen on the woman's face. Because of her condition the patient would not be able to do anything to stop the mice from biting her, 'Friends of Medicare' said.
Covenant House say there was one mouse in the patient's room on that day but that the woman was not bitten by that mouse, or by any other mouse.