New Apple iPhone 5S and 5C may be in demand, on market Sept. 20

Posted Sep 13, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
Apple's two newest products, the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone 5C, will be available on September 20 and the 5C can already be pre-ordered. They'll be no pre-ordering of the 5S, however.
Apple unveils new iPhone 5c  iPhone 5s smartphones
Apple unveils new iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s smartphones
Apple / Screengrab
The more expensive iPhone 5S has a host of improvements, including a better camera with a dual-LED flash and faster processor with better graphics. There's also a fingerprint scanner for added security and the battery life has been extended.
The iPhone 5S is out Friday Sept. 20th and CNet reports line-ups are expected at many retailers. It comes in a high-grade aluminum and in three colors, silver, gold, and what Apple calls "a new space gray."
The 5C is a similar product to the iPhone 5 from last year, with an 8-megapixel rear camera, 4-inch Retina Display and dual-core A6 processor. It comes in a plastic shell and in green, red-orange, yellow and blue.
Phone companies, retailers to sell new Apples
Major phone companies including Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have announced they will carry both products, as has Walmart and Best Buy. The phones will begin to be sold at 8 a.m. local time on Friday.
The iPhone 5S will sell starting a $199 for a model with 16GB and that has a new two-year service contract attached. Without a service contract it will sell for $649 for the 16GB model, $749 for the 32GB model and $849 for the 64GB model.
Apple's iPhone 5C will sell, with a two-year service contract, for $99 for the 16GB model and for $199 for the 32GB model. Prices without the contract will be $549 and $649 respectively.