Hoax: New Harry Potter book confirmed, 75 percent written

Posted Sep 10, 2013 by Dinh Nguyen
Citing a five-months-old April Fools article, some news agencies have published stories claiming that an eighth Harry Potter book has been confirmed and is near completion – 75 percent complete to be exact.
Among others, The Top Information Post referenced an April 1, 2013 article from Story Carnivores with a fake J.K. Rowling press release, and published its piece on September 8. The news went viral as many hopeful fans on social media sites believed it to be true.
The hoax article claimed that Rowling decided to write the eighth Harry Potter installment as a treat for her fans after her book The Casual Vacancy disappointed them.
Though Rowling did say in a BBC News interview that she was tempted to write a "director's cut" novel for two of the Harry Potter books because she felt rushed to finish the franchise, there is currently no known evidence that an eighth Harry Potter book is in the makings.
Fake Press Release Transcript as posted by Story Carnivores:
For Immediate Release
J.K. Rowling “75% Done” with Eighth Harry Potter Novel
Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY – March 31, 2013 – 11:59 pm – Yahoo News and the New York Times today confirmed that J.K. Rowling is writing the eighth Harry Potter novel, and is already 75% done with the manuscript. Details on the storyline are hush hush, but Rowling is said to be revealing more about the upcoming HP novel later this very week in a press conference in Scotland.
Rowling is said to be disappointed to the reaction of her adult novel The Casual Vacancy, released last fall, which left readers worldwide perplexed and disappointed. She was discouraged particularly by the disappointment of the younger readers, who picked up The Casual Vacancy expecting another Harry Potter book. She wanted to go back and write a book that will be a treat to her fans all around the world.
“J.K. Rowling is a treasure who we support in all of her endeavors. We hoped to get the chance to work with her again one day, but none of us thought it would be this soon, and back in the world of Harry Potter. We are very excited with what Rowling has pieced together for an eighth novel. Her fans are going to be surprised, and so very enthusiastic,” said Ronald Lendon, Editorial Director, Scholastic, Inc.
With news of the eighth novel already circulating the web, talk has turned to a potential ninth film in the Harry Potter film franchise. While none of the series’ actors have officially signed on, one of the stars has already voiced his excitement about returning to play the title role.
“I never thought Jo would write another novel, but I’m interested to see what she comes up with,” said Daniel Radcliffe, at a press conference in New York. “I absolutely would return to that world, if all the elements were to come together. When we wrapped the last film, I still felt like I wasn’t finished with this grandiose story. I can’t wait to come back.” He paused, then narrowed his eyes a little, and said, “Wait, what day is it, again?”