Former bodyguard to Jay Z, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga dies

Posted Sep 7, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Norman Oosterbroek, nicknamed the Dutch Giant, was a bodyguard to many celebs such as Jay Z, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and other pop stars.
Lady Gaga poses naked for Fame perfume campaign poster
Lady Gaga poses naked for Fame perfume campaign poster
Photo of POP display
Oosterbroek, who was six-foot-five and 280-pounds, was found on naked and on drugs at his neighbor's back door last Monday night. A struggled ensued and then the cops came to the scene and tasered Oosterbroek, according to Deaths And Taxes.
According to EOnline, when Miami-Dade police say that Oosterbroek was fighting with the homeowner when they arrived at the scene. Police also said that he swallowed something during the confrontation with the homeowner, and when they tried to calm him down, he resisted.
According to AllHipHop, a source said that the bodyguard's death is not as clean as everybody is reporting, and that it is suspicious.
An autopsy is expected to be performed at a future date.