CFL News and Rumors: Tim Tebow headed to Montreal?

Posted Aug 31, 2013 by Larry Seely
The big news out of the NFL this weekend is the New England Patriots releasing quarterback Tim Tebow. While letting a third string quarterback go from a team is not usually a big story, Tebow is not a usual player.
Tim Tebow  Denver Broncos starting quarterback.
Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos starting quarterback.
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The 25 year-old is arguably one of the top college football players of all time and became a first round selection of the Denver Broncos, despite many experts suggesting his throwing motion needed to much work.
Tebow did lead the Broncos to the playoffs and an upset of Pittsburgh just a couple years ago, but a year with the NY jets and then this training camp with the Patriots have shown the flaws in his game are still not fixed, but that doesn't mean the end of his playing career.
Montreal is just 3-5 in the 2013 CFL season, but the Alouettes own the rights to the former Florida Gators stars and signing him would create a buzz all over the football world.
With the pass first mentality of football in Canada and a shot at working on his mechanics without the US press all over him, Tebow could work on is game and make a career in the CFL or use it as a spring board to return to another NFL franchise down the road, but no matter what the youngster decides to do with his life, he has all the makings for success no matter what path he chooses.