Review: The website that monitors moral panics

Posted Sep 10, 2013 by Alexander Baron
The aptly titled MoronWatch website monitors moral panics and the people who promote and batten off them. Check it out, you may meet someone you know.
An uncharacteristically unflattering photograph of feminist Kat Banyard  a woman who plucks rape sta...
An uncharacteristically unflattering photograph of feminist Kat Banyard, a woman who plucks rape statistics out of thin air.
Charlotte Cooper
The MoronWatch website appears to be run by one individual with at least one regular or semi-regular contributor. Although based in the UK, it covers international affairs. Its archive goes back to December 2010, and the reader is invited to browse it at leisure. First though, what is a moral panic?
In a nutshell, it is not easy to define, and most people will have their own definitions of both the phrase and the actual phenomenon, but it is something akin to an outburst of hysteria that is picked up on or even created by the media.
If you haven't read Charles Mackay's classic Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds, you will find several scans of it on Archive.Org. Witchcraft hysteria was a form of moral panic that lasted for many years and resulted in countless innocent people suffering terrribly up to and including painful executions.
Recently we have seen and are still seeing a contrived panic about so-called gay marriage and the alleged persecution of homosexuals in Russia. Up until the 1960s, male homosexually was not simply an unspeakable social taboo in most Western countries but was actually illegal. Today, homosexuals have full social equality and can openly run for and even hold high public office, but that is not enough for some people, and unless they are permitted to "marry", the sky will fall. Having been granted that right in the UK, we are now being told that Russia is a terrible country and should be punished because although homosexuality was decriminalised there in 1993, the Russian Government has recently decided to clamp down on the indoctrination of the young by the powerful homosexual lobby, probably after seeing what has been happening here in the West.
Another moral panic was started recently in the UK by loony feminist Kat Banyard and her organisation UK Feminista. Moron Watch has some strong things to say about her and it.
Miss Banyard is par for the course for this type of activist, while whining about how underprivileged and oppressed are women, she lives a rather privileged lifestyle herself. Her latest campaign, which is a moral panic in every sense of the word, concerns so-called lads' mags, ie magazines that feature scantily clad women. Yes, strangely people do still buy such magazines even though the Internet is flooded with naked female bodies.
According to Miss Banyard though, they constitute a form of sexual harassment when sold in supermarkets, and members of the public or even supermarket staff could sue for such. This intimidation has led to at least one supermarket and a soft porn publisher parting company.
Ask yourself what would be the reaction if Islamic organisations mounted such a campaign, or the government. Banyard's book The Equality Illusion contains the usual feminist nonsense about the sex industry, the exploitation of women and pornography.
At page 157 of the 2010 paperback edition she says one study found 55.9% of pornography scenes featured anal sex, and 41% of these are ATM. (Work out for yourself what that acronym means). This is clearly extreme stuff, but is it really typical?
The proof of this pudding is in the eating, the word pornography covers a wide range of subjects including fetishes such as mixed wrestling and female domination, much of which does not involve nudity much less sex in the conventional sense of the word. Also, not only are women as they have always been the highest paid porn stars, much of the porn on the Internet is produced, scripted and filmed by women on their small, dedicated websites. If men are involved in the production at all it is as actors and doing purely technical stuff like writing source code.
Moron.Net covered the Trayvon Martin affair from a UK perspective, and it has to be said that on this case and its view of the US, it makes some curious claims. For example, it is manifestly not true that Gary Tyler was framed for murder, and he was 16 at the time, not 17. It remains to be seen if Tyler should have been sentenced to death, but the recantations of witnesses etc in that case sound curiously similar to the recantations in the Troy Davis case, and the same usual suspects have their fingerprints all over both.
Curiously though, Moron.Net doesn't make the point that in the UK, George Zimmerman would have been charged with first degree murder, even if he had been one of the tiny number of citizens who can legally own a firearm. (Unless, of course, he had been a police officer).
Also, what exactly does the Guardian being linked to Racist journalism mean? Is this the same Guardian that gave space to an apologist for murderer Satpal Ram, that has reported uncritically on the case of murderess Linda Carty, and that to this day parrots the skewed statistics of the race lobby about stop and search? Apparently so.
Last month, Moron.Net had quite a bit to say about Syria and the likelihood of Western intervention. This is not a simple subject, and it is likely that if you agree with the opinions expressed here you will disagree with some or many of the opinions it expresses on other subjects. But there is always room for honest disagreement, it is dishonest and at times hysterical arguments that need to be rooted out and exposed. And if these arguments can lead to further wars in the Middle East or elsewhere, we should have no truck with them whatsoever.