Video: 'Killer Instinct' Chief Thunder trailer

Posted Aug 20, 2013 by Can Tran
In a new trailer released by Double Helix Games, it is revealed that Chief Thunder has been added to the cast of the "Killer Instinct" reboot for Xbox One.
Screenshot of  Killer Instinct  for the Xbox One.
Screenshot of "Killer Instinct" for the Xbox One.
The newest trailer for the new upcoming “Killer Instinct” game has been made available for viewing. In this new trailer, it is revealed that Chief Thunder from the first game has been added to the roster. Now, he joins the following characters: Jago, Sabrewulf, and Glacius. This incarnation of Chief Thunder looks different from his first Killer Instinct game. This game is developed by Double Helix Games; it is free-to-play and is exclusive to the upcoming Xbox One next-generation console.
Like the previous game, Chief Thunder fights with his twin tomahawks. However, they decided to make Chief Thunder as a strong grappling character. If and when fighting against Chief Thunder, you want to keep your distance. In the series, Chief Thunder is trying to put the soul of his brother Eagle to rest. In the KI tournament, Thunder enters to investigate the disappearance and possible death of Eagle. This new Killer Instinct game will come out in November as one of the Xbox One launch titles.