Interview with John Strickland from the rock band Lullwater Special

Posted Aug 19, 2013 by Markos Papadatos
Rock band Lullwater consists of John Strickland on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Brett Strickland on lead guitar and vocals, drummer Joseph Wilson and bassist Roy Beatty.
Rock band Lullwater
Rock band Lullwater
Jason Thrasher
Lead singer John Strickland took time from his busy schedule to discuss their self-titled new CD which will be out on September 17.
John stated, “We brainstormed on the best way that the record would sound as a whole and it came together. I think this record is like a rebirth for us since it’s really the first one that we recorded where we found our sound. We did this record with a purpose and we put our hearts and souls in it. This record is really honest and open and raw. I think the people can connect to the originality of the music and I hope it speaks to the people.”
He revealed that two of his favorite songs on the new album are “Oddline” and the single “Albatross.” I just love the energy to them. They have a lot of guts to them too. Those two songs sum up the sound and undertone of the record,” he said.
On the origin of the band’s name, John noted that it has a generic story to it. “Our former drummer who lived on Lullwater Drive and we took the name of the street and that’s where we started. It all started out in the basement and it just stuck,” he said with a laugh.
The band filmed a video for their song “Albatross” which is expected to be released in early September of 2013.
Growing up, John was “a big fan of 1990s music.” “I was a huge fan of Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. I listened to classic rock, and oldies such as The Beatles and Rolling Stones,” he said.
Regarding Lullwater’s plans for the future, John shared, “We are going to be touring like crazy to promote this record. We are big fans of being out in the middle of the crowd. We like hanging out with people that have paid their money to come and see us play. That’s huge for us and we definitely appreciate our fans that have supported us.”
He added, “We love New York since we have played there several times. It is so energetic and we love it. We are trying to get up there this year. It’s always fun to get new fans and to keep them engaged with our new music.”
For more information on Lullwater and their new music, visit their official website.