Op-Ed: Animal rights and awareness about worldwide cruelty

Posted Aug 17, 2013 by Nichole Childers
Animal cruelty happens every minute, all around the world. Animals do not have legal rights like humans do, so it is up to concerned individuals to raise awareness about it.
RSPCA Queensland
There is an overwhelmingly large amount of animal cruelty happening in this world. It is appalling to me how people get away with such acts to innocent creatures. Family pets are not the only one's being abused. All kinds of animals are being tortured all over the globe. Since there are not enough laws that protect animal's rights, this issue has grown out of control. There are many legal occurrences happening in the news that pertain to animal cruelty. This is an indicator that awareness is growing and people are paying for their actions. According to, a man in Tennessee was hurting the legs of his 19 horses so that they would pick up their feet like Tennessee walking horses. All 19 of his horses were seized.
Circus animals are beaten and shocked until they do what their trainer wants. These animals include elephants, lions, tigers, bears, seals, and lots of other animals. They are kept in small cages and are not very happy.
Elephant in a circus in Vietnam.
Elephant in a circus in Vietnam.
Just recently, a man was accused of drowning two ducks in muriatic acid. According to KFOR-TV News channel 4, the man also accused his mother and had drowned the ducks because he was upset with her.
People do all kinds of crazy things and do not think about their consequences. Animals cannot speak up for themselves and they need a voice. To make a difference, we need to become involved with our local animal shelters, be aware of what is happening in our neighborhoods, and do whatever else we can to raise awareness about this continuously growing problem.
There are many associations that raise money for the purpose of rescuing abused and neglected animals everywhere. The most recognized are the ASPCA and PETA. If you would like to help, you can make donations at You can also read about other ways to help at Get involved, it's the only way.
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