Egypt's 'day of rage' leaves 95 people killed, hundreds injured

Posted Aug 16, 2013 by David Silverberg
Protests lit by Muslim Brotherhood clashes with Egyptia security forces caused the deaths of up to 95 people on a "day of rage" launched by Islamist followers of ousted President Mohammed Morsi to denounce a police crackdown.
Egyptians clash during Friday s  Day of Rage
Egyptians clash during Friday's 'Day of Rage'
Al Jazeera
The worst of the violence seemed to have affected Cairo, where a correspondent for Al Jazeera said at least 95 people were killed and hundreds injured in the city's Ramses Square on Friday. Government forced reportedly fired on protesters after a police station was attacked and lit on fire.
As BBC News writes, members of groups opposed to Morsi - the National Salvation Front and Tamarod - called for counter-demonstrations in response to the Muslim Brotherhood protests.
There were also calls for people to protect their neighbourhoods and churches throughout the country.
BBC News tallies the death toll at 38, while Times of India says the number is closer to 50. Al Jazeera maintains 95 people have died during Friday's attacks.
"Sooner or later I will die. Better to die for my rights than in my bed. Guns don't scare us anymore," said Sara Ahmed, 28, a business manager who joined the demonstrators in Cairo, as Tiems of India writes.
"It's not about the Brotherhood, it's about human rights," said Ahmed, one of the few women in the crowd not wearing a headscarf, a sign of faith for Muslim women.
A curfew came into effect at 5pm GMT, with authorities warning "firm action" against anyone who broke it. As of this report, both sides are respecting the curfew.
Friday's violence follows the horrific deaths witnessed by protesters and journalists on Wednesday. Egypt imposed a national state of emergency after clashes left at least 638 dead.