Photo Essay: Bees, butterflies & flying critters at Mount Vernon Special

Posted Aug 16, 2013 by Leigh Goessl
Mount Vernon is a popular destination in Northern Virginia. In addition to touring the mansion itself, the property is interesting to explore and photograph. Not only are the views overlooking the Potomac River stunning, but there is much wildlife to see.
Mount Vernon is a popular attraction for both locals and visitors to the Washington area. A short excursion south of the U.S. Capital, you can easily spend a day at Mount Vernon exploring what's to learn and see on the property. Being local, I often return to the property to enjoy the beautiful scenery that changes throughout the seasons.
This week brought on some relief from the seasonally warm Augusts in Northern Virginia. A great day to go exploring. One of the aims of my visit to Mount Vernon was to see what kind of wildlife I could find in the gardens, woods and farmed sections of the property. My hope was to photograph butterflies, bees, birds and other small critters.
Doing some research, I am not sure, but I think the above image may be of a hummingbird moth. As usual, I learned something new when visiting Mount Vernon.
Exploring the wildlife at Mount Vernon is interesting at any given time of the year. The property is open year-round, but the hours change according to season.
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