Photo Essay: A summer visit with feathered friends on the farm Special

Posted Aug 14, 2013 by Leigh Goessl
Kidwell Farm, located in Northern Virginia's Fairfax County, is a popular family-oriented outing. The farm houses several animals, including a few varieties of birds. Visitors to the farm can find chickens, ducks, turkeys and even peacocks.
A visit to Kidwell Farm, located at Frying Pan Farm Park, in Herndon, Va., is always interesting. As one of the few, if only, working farms still in existence in the heavily populated Fairfax County, the property is a county-run facility and open to the public.
Kids of all ages can visit the farm and enjoy all the activities it offers. One of the biggest draws is the animals, which include a variety of barnyard friends. Additionally, not unlike other farms, Kidwell farm also has several feathered residents.
Visitors to the park will find chickens, ducks and turkeys. However, perhaps less common to a traditional farm, are two Peafowl, one male peacock and one female peahen.
In addition to the birds, Kidwell Farm houses many animals, such as cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and horses, to name a few. Visitors to the farm can get a close-up and personal experience with the animals, and also get to see the farm at work.
According to a guide from a previous visit, the farm was stated to be somewhere around the nature of 95 percent self-sufficient. Wandering throughout the park, you can see gardens, wheat fields and more.
There are also wagon rides, a carousel and a country store (these are fee-based). During the season, once a week, a farmer's market is also held. And when time permits, the early 20th Century farmhouse, formerly owned by the Kidwell family, is also open to visitors. The old-fashioned kitchen is really something!
Kidwell Farm is open daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is closed on some major holidays, and the facility recommends checking its website for specifics.
Spring babies begin to arrive at Fairfax County's Kidwell Farm