Mystery solved over dead shark found in NYC subway car

Posted Aug 9, 2013 by Jacki Viles
The dead shark that was found riding the N train in NYC Wednesday morning started his journey on the beaches of Coney Island.
Steve Garner
The New York Post is reporting that a bunch of kids found the shark along the shoreline. They took pictures with the shark at the beach. But soon afterwards a bunch of teenagers grabbed the carcass and ran off with it.
A passerby happened upon it a while later in front of the iconic Cyclone roller coaster. This gentleman, a self proclaimed aficionado, took the shark home with him on the subway.
After a few stops he decided to share this beautiful animal with the rest of the city.
Early morning commuters were surprised to see a shark riding the N line into Queens but they weren't shocked.
After all, it is Shark Week. Historically this summertime series from the Discovery Channel has viewers in a frenzy. It's all about the shark. Some people thought it might be a bad publicity stunt. Others thought it might have been someone's dinner that fell out of their shopping bag on the way home.
Up until now theories abound as to how it might have gotten there. But everyone who takes the subway in NYC knows the N train starts in Coney Island. Clearly he just got on the train like everyone else!