Review: Sick Puppies are back with fourth album and they 'Connect' well Special

Posted Aug 8, 2013 by Markos Papadatos
Rock music group Sick Puppies released their newest studio album “Connect” on July 16, via their record label, Capitol Records.
Rock group Sick Puppies
Rock group Sick Puppies
Myriam Santos
Lead singer Shim Moore and bassist Emma Anzai either wrote or co-wrote all twelve tracks on the CD.
“Die to Save You” is a strong opener and it is followed by their lead single “There’s No Going Back” which is catchy and melodically soothing.
Although “Walk Away” and “Gunfight” are heavier tracks, Emma nails the bass, and “Poison” is a stirring rock ballad that is perhaps their best vocal on the CD.
“Telling Lies” showcases their versatility as a group, meanwhile the title cut “Connect” is an acoustic masterpiece and it is should be released as a single at some point in the future.
“The Trick The Devil Did” is my favorite up-tempo song on the record.
The record closes with two captivating and well-written ballads, “Healing Now” and “Under A Very Black Sky.”
The Verdict
It is evident that the Sick Puppies are the most underrated band in modern rock music. Similar to their previous releases, they prove to be consistently good with “Connect.” This collection consists of some killer ballads and Shim rocks on lead vocals. This CD garners 4.5 out of 5 stars.
To learn more about the Sick Puppies’ latest studio album “Connect,” visit their official website.