Video: Twins' Trevor Plouffe makes amazing foul ball catch

Posted Aug 6, 2013 by Leigh Goessl
As the Minnesota Twins and Kansas City Royals play almost back-to-back series against one other, some players have made amazing catches. Last night, the Twins' third baseman Trevor Plouffe made an incredible catch as he flipped into the dugout.
Last week Minnesota Twins' third baseman, Trevor Plouffe, was on his way to a home run that was stolen from him by a fantastic catch made by outfielder Lorenzo Cain, of the Kansas City Royals, as Yahoo! Sports notes.
During Monday night's game Plouffe decided to repay the favor.
As batter Alex Gordon whacked a ball along the third base foul line as the Royals held a 6-0 lead, Plouffe followed the hit right to the railing of the visitor dugout. He reaches for the ball and falls into the dugout head first.
Plouffe goes head first into the dugout  catching the ball and holding onto it.  Fortunately  he was...
Plouffe goes head first into the dugout, catching the ball and holding onto it. Fortunately, he was not injured.
Things get quiet for a few seconds and suddenly the umpire signals the ball was caught.
A few seconds later Plouffe emerged victoriously with ball in glove.
Fortunately, the third baseman was not injured despite the collision and significant tumble he took in the process.
While the catch was phenomenal, the catch didn't do much to stop the Royals. Kansas City topped Minnesota with a 13-0 final score.