Op-Ed: Poor little rich girls win their freedom but lose their honour

Posted Aug 3, 2013 by Alexander Baron
Poor little rich girl Laura Johnson has been released from gaol after serving a two year sentence for her part in the riots of August 2011.
Vicky Pryce  the disgraced economist has now been stripped of her CB by the Queen.
Vicky Pryce, the disgraced economist has now been stripped of her CB by the Queen.
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The release of the spoilt rich girl was reported by both the Bromley local press of July 31 and the tabloids. Her comeuppance was reported here in May of last year when she was handed down a two year sentence after a jury rejected her sob story. Boo hoo.
Johnson was not a rioter, unlike the motley crew she hung around with; she was a plunderer, chauffeuring around looters who were taking advantage of the public disorder. Unlike her partners-in-crime, she was not in it for the money, because he rich Daddy runs a firm called Avongate Ltd which was and still appears to be doing a brisk trade in on-line marketing.
In December, one of her cohorts, Alexander Elliott-Joahill, was given an eight year stretch for the same and more serious offences.
Although Johnson received a two year sentence, she appears to have been a good girl behind bars so has been given credit for that; it remains to be seen though if she will resume her academic studies instead of sliding back into her previous errant ways or sponging off her parents. She should be warned though, the sentences get progressively longer as previous convictions mount, even for cute looking rich white girls with long hair.
Another rich girl who served soft time is Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of ex-minister Chris Huhne. If Johnson has the twin excuses of youth and adrenalin for her follies, Pryce has no such excuses, the only thing she can plead is "Hell hath no fury..."
She served and was released from her eight month sentence sometime ago, but has now been stripped of an honour. Miss Pryce was a Companion of the Order of the Bath, for services to economics. Members of the public appear to have felt she had brought dishonour to the CB, which resulted in an investigation, and a recommendation to the Queen that it be rescinded. Having the highest standards herself, it was unlikely Her Majesty would disagree, so Vicky Pryce CB is now Vicky Pryce HMP. In addition to trashing her husband's and her own career she has also stuffed her friend and neighbour Constance Briscoe, who might just have become the first black woman to be appointed a High Court Judge. Miss Briscoe has now appeared in court as a defendant rather than in her usual role as Counsel. After her second appearance, a trial date was set for January 14 at the Central Criminal Court where she might just stand in the same dock as Levi Bellfield, or even John Reginald Halliday Christie. Miss Briscoe has stressed she denies and will continue to deny all charges. She may well be acquitted, but regardless of that, the damage has been done, her seat on the bench is gone forever. With friends like Vicky Pryce, who needs enemies?
A photograph released by the Metropolitan Police  apparently a CCTV still. Spoilt little rich girl L...
A photograph released by the Metropolitan Police, apparently a CCTV still. Spoilt little rich girl Laura Johnson is behind the wheel and can clearly be seen laughing.
Metropolitan Police