House Republicans to vote to repeal health law for 40th time

Posted Aug 2, 2013 by Yukio Strachan
Will the 40th time be the charm? Probably not, but that won't stop House Republicans on Friday to vote to approve a bill to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature health care law for the 40th time.
The President signing health care reform into law
The President signing health care reform into law
White House Photo by Pete Souza
The Republican-sponsored bill, H.R. 2009, would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing or implementing any part of the law they call ‘‘Obamacare.’’
Each time such measures have died in the Democrat-controlled Senate.
Beginning next year, reports, the agency will start enforcing the law's requirement of most people having health insurance and fines will be collected from those who do not. Subsidies will also be distributed to help individuals buy insurance through new exchanges.
Republicans hope to use the vote to rally opposition to the law as Congress prepares for its summer recess, the Associated Press reported.