U.S.Open Tennis: Winners and losers getting big rise in money

Posted Jul 31, 2013 by Larry Seely
The 2013 US Open Tennis Championship will start on August 26, but some big news came from the governing body on Wednesday as it was announced that the total prize pool will increase by nearly 35%.
Spanish tennis star Rafa Nadal
Spanish tennis star Rafa Nadal
Christopher Johnson
Not only will the winners get a bigger bump in pay, $2.6 million to the men's and women's champions, up from $1.9 million from 2012, but first round losers are guaranteed $32,000 for their efforts.
The US Tennis Association reported four months ago that changes were coming and while many experts predicted an increase in prize money, no one was expecting such a large increase in just one years time.
Runner's-ups in both championships will receive $1.3 million and semi-finalists $650,000, all increased by about 37%.
Players in the doubles events will also see an increase, but not as large as the prize money for pairs events have gone up 13 percent, but the total prize pool has increased by over 30 percent.
The USTA isn't done yet as the increase will continue over the next four years with a total payout of $50 million expected by 2017, twice the money that was awarded during the 2012 US Open.