Spanish police catch up with gang making Ferrari knock-offs

Posted Jul 31, 2013 by Anne Sewell
If you've been to the beach in southern Spain, you have been offered fake "brand-name" handbags, watches etc. by the Senegalese "lookie-lookie" men. Now it seems things got a tad more serious as other criminals managed to produce fake Ferraris for sale.
Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430
Rudolf Stricker
Spain's National Police have caught up with a gang of criminals in Valencia who have been producing cheap fakes of high-end vehicles, selling them for a fraction of the price of the real item.
If a Ferrari is out of your reach, no problem, this bunch came up with a novel way to get around it - they made cheap imitations.
In two custom workshops, the gang managed to knock up their own "luxury" vehicles, with the plan of selling them on the Internet. And cheap at the price too. You could have paid around €40,000 instead of €200,000 for the real thing.
According to officials, the gang produced a fake vehicle by adding home-made fiber glass panels to the chassis of another, more ordinary car. In this way, they managed to produce copies of vehicles like Ferraris and Aston Martins.
If they couldn't produce a panel themselves, no problem. The criminals shipped in the genuine panels from England, or with a bit of extra cheek, from the actual, original Ferrari factory in Maranello, Italy.
Reportedly the finished items were "almost perfect" in terms of external and internal appearance, police said in a statement.
However, it turns out that nobody was fooled by the deal. According to the police, clients apparently knew they were buying fakes, and some even handed over their own specifications for their "luxury vehicle."
Things were going fine, but then Ferrari Spain heard about the scheme and tipped off the police.
After the tip off, raids on the car makers revealed 17 copies of the classic and highly expensive cars, including F430s, F430 Spiders and F458s. There were even two "Aston Martins" to add to the haul.
The raids resulted in the arrest of eight people - five in Valencia, and another three in Madrid.
The fakes looked identical to the Ferrari F430 pictured above and below:
Ferrari F430
Ferrari F430
Rudolf Stricker