Arkansas school districts to allow teachers with concealed guns

Posted Jul 30, 2013 by Owen Weldon
More than 20 teachers in Clarksville School District will be allowed to carry concealed weapons throughout the school day.
No weapons allowed except licensed concealed handgun sign.
No weapons allowed except licensed concealed handgun sign.
Roo Reynolds
According to New York Post, more than 20 teachers, adminstrators and other school employees will be allowed to carry guns. This is allowed because of a state law that allows licensed, armed security guards on campus.
According to USA Today, the 20+ volunteers took part in a program that had them undergo 53 hours of training, which allows them to be considered security guards.
According to Fox, David Hopkins, the Superintendent , said that as deadly incidents continued to happened in schools, something needed to be done.
Hopkins also said that the district was not going to tie up their money by paying for a guard 24/7. He said that they already have these people and they are already being used in other areas. He added that he hopes that none of them ever have to be used as a security guard.