Interview with country singer Jimmy Wayne: 'Ruby's Pet Treats' Special

Posted Jul 26, 2013 by Markos Papadatos
On July 26, I chatted via telephone with country singer Jimmy Wayne about his launch of “Ruby’s Pet Treats,” an online pet store that gives dog owners the opportunity to make a positive impact while stocking up on their favorite toys and treats.
Country singer Jimmy Wayne
Country singer Jimmy Wayne
Photo Courtesy of Kristin Barlowe
A native of Kings Mountain, North Carolina, Jimmy is best-known for his three-week No. 1 country single “Do You Believe Me Now,” as well as such Top 10 hits as “Stay Gone” and “I Love You This Much.”
Jimmy noted that a percentage of each item that is sold through “Ruby’s Pet Treats” is going to benefit both The Humane Society of Genesee County in Michigan (a no-kill animal shelter), as well as his own “Project Meet Me Halfway,” which helps care for teens in foster care programs that are at risk of becoming homeless. With these programs, he is working towards helping to improve the lives of the underprivileged, whether it is animals or people.
According to Jimmy, he shared, “I was in foster care when I was a kid. I migrated out when I was 16 and lived on the street for a while and I was rescued by a really good family and they gave me the opportunity to go to school and to college and to pursue my dream. In my life today, I am more fulfilled with giving back and helping. I have more fun doing that than I have had touring on a bus, but I have never been more fulfilled than helping people. I miss the road, but there is nothing in the world like walking in a facility and seeing broken-hearted children and being able to help them.”
While he was walking halfway across America, as part of his “Project Meet Me Halfway,” to raise awareness on the importance of improving the foster care system, he came across a little dog named “Ruby” that he rescued from an animal shelter.
Jimmy’s goal is to ensure that pets and people are both cared for and given loving homes to live in. “Ruby is an 11 pound chihuahua and I found her during my walk across America in 2010. She reminded me of the foster kids that I was walking for and I really fell in love with her,” he said. “Since then I have written a concept album about the walk and I am working on my second book now.”
To learn more about country singer Jimmy Wayne and his latest projects, visit his official website.