Eve Myles speaks about hopes of Torchwood return

Posted Jul 25, 2013 by Mathew Wace Peck
Eve Myles has been speaking about the future of Torchwood, the science-fiction thriller series that brought her to an international television audience.
Eve Myles at the BAFTA Cymru Awards  2007
Eve Myles at the BAFTA Cymru Awards, 2007
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Myles, who plays Torchwood operative Gwen Taylor in the popular show was being interviewed by Red carpet TV.
Kasterborous reports that, during the interview, when asked whether plans were any closer towards there being another series, Myles replied, “I hope it goes again. There’s a huge ‘want’ for it to go again.”
Then, echoing her co-star John Barrowman – who plays Torchwood boss, Captain Jack Harkness and has consistently championed more Torchwood – Myles was unequivocal, confirming, “What I can say is that when they call, John and I will be there.”
It’s been three years now since season 4 of Torchwood was aired, but interest in the series – from the viewing public in general, not just die-hard fans – is still huge.
“It’s unbelievable […] if we thought for one second that on that read through on the first day [in 200?] that [Torchwood] was going to be this huge global beast – phenomenon – I don’t know how we would have reacted. We had no idea this was going to happen. It’s just a big, bold, sexy, fun show that people really took into their hearts, and we appreciate it more than ever.”
Ideed, in June, while on BBC Breakfast to promote her new drama series, Frankie, Myles was inevitably asked about the future of Torchwood. On that occasion, too, she was optimistic and enthusiastic about more episodes, telling the breakfast-show hosts how she would like to see it develop on the small screen and the possibilities of that actually happening.
Asked why she thought Gwen was so popular with fans, Myles said she thought it was because she is not your stereotypical sexy female character, but as normal as those who watch the show. “She’s someone you know. Someone who struggles everyday with work life and family life and, whether you’re a superhero or whether you’re saving the world, when you’ve got a full-time job and family, you can relate to it … She’s a modern woman, she’s a warrior … she’s a strong iconic woman.”
Torchwood started life as a concept within the BBC’s mega-hit science-fiction drama series, Doctor Who, which is celebrating its golden jubilee this year. Likewise, Captain Jack Harkness was originally one of the Doctor’s companions, appearing on the show with both the Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, and the Tenth, David Tennant.
Russell T Davies, then Doctor Who’ s showrunner, then created a spin-off series – Torchwood – specifically for Barrowman and Myles.
The first three seasons of Torchwood were produced in Wales by the BBC Cymru, but season four – a co-production with them and BBC America and Starz in the US – led to the show becoming an international production, with much of the action taking place in America.
Though not completely successful, it still maintained an impressive viewer following. However, before proper consideration to developing the series further could be taken, Davies was forced to return to the UK when his partner, Andrew Smith was diagnosed with brain cancer.
Starz insisted that they were still interested in doing more Torchwood, but not without Davies in charge. Davies himself has said on more than one occasion that he hasn’t finished with Captain Jack and Gwen yet, that it’s not cancelled but in limbo.