Daughter fakes wedding for dying father

Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Jonathan Lam
Rachel Wolf, 25, is not about to marry anyone anytime soon, she is not even engaged. But she sets up a wedding so that her father who is diagnosed with cancer can have a last dance with her.
Dr. James Wolf has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is afraid he will not be able to experience his daughter's wedding. “I’m saddened over the fact that I won’t be there for the events of her life. And that’s been difficult on me,” an emotional Dr. Wolf said. Doctors say he has only months to live.
His daughter, Rachel Wolf, wanted to prerecord a father and daughter wedding dance so she could show the video in her actual wedding in the future. But they got more than just a simple father and daughter wedding dance.
Members of the Auburn, Calif., community, where the family lives, heard about the daughter's idea and chipped in for a wedding dress, a Dj, a tuxedo for Dr. Wolf, a limousine, a hairstylist, a professional photographer, and a gazebo for the event. Family and even former patients of Dr. Wolf attended the staged wedding to show their support.
Dr. Wolf almost missed the wedding though due to a blood transfusion that morning. At this moment he isn't on chemotherapy and doctors says if he's lucky he has another three months to live.
“It’s a dream, it’s an absolute dream,” Dr. Wolf said. To us it may be a staged event, but to Dr. Wolf it was a moment and experience he will always treasure in his heart.