NBA superstar LeBron James arrives in Manila on private jet

Posted Jul 22, 2013 by Leo Reyes
NBA superstar LeBron James arrived in Manila Monday afternoon on board a private jet from the US for the “Witness History” tour by Nike Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena (MOA) in Pasay City.
Miami Heat all-star LeBron James
Miami Heat all-star LeBron James
James is scheduled to visit Nike Park on Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City before conducting skills training for local Nike basketball endorsers on Tuesday at the MOA.
Nike Philippines' presentation is "designed to inspire young Filipino athletes to strive for greatness and perhaps be like James."
Philippine basketball fans will have a chance to leave a personal message to James via social media like Facebook and Twitter during James's visit. Read more:
The local Nike office has distributed free tickets to basketball fans for the Tuesday event but many of those who were given free tickets after lining up at the Nike store for days have sold their tickets for as high as P10,000 (US $225.00).
Basketball is the number one sport in the Philippines and top NBA stars like Kobe Bryant often visit the country to touch base with their local fans.
On October 10, the NBA Global tour will feature a preseason game between the Indiana Pacers and Houston Rockets at the MOA.