South Africans prepare for Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday

Posted Jul 17, 2013 by Layne Weiss
South Africans are preparing to celebrate the 95th birthday of anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela Thursday even though he remains critically ill in a hospital in Pretoria.
Nelson Mandela in 2008
Nelson Mandela in 2008
Flickr user South Africa the Good News
The Nelson Mandela Centre Of Memory and other groups have asked people to volunteer 67 minutes to charity in honor of what they say are the 67 years that Mandela served his community, The Associated Press reports.
The UN is also recognizing Mandela's birthday as an opportunity to honor his legacy. Activities are planned around the world. In 2010, the UN declared Mandela's birthday as Mandela Day.
The Clintons have lent their voices to the cause.
"He is proof that even the most intractable problems are surmountable, that division can be overcome with dignity and that forgiveness can triumph over fear," Hillary Clinton said according to ABC News.
South African President Jacob Zuma will mark the celebration by overseeing the donation of houses to poor families in Pretoria, The Associated Press reports.
Nelson Mandela has been in the hospital since June 8. His condition has remained "critical but stable." Earlier this week, it was announced, he might get released from the hospital soon, so he can recuperate at home.