E-commerce marketplace expanding and becoming more personalized

Posted Jul 16, 2013 by Alyssa Sellors
E-Commerce, or the buying or selling of a product or service via the internet, has no doubt exploded in the last 10 years, but recently there have been even more innovative and personalized online shopping options for consumers.
Liz West
One website is going far beyond your basic online shopping, where shoppers peruse online store fronts and order from the site. Backed and promoted by supermodel Tyra Banks, the new e-commerce site The Hunt is “an online community intended to help hopeful shoppers seek out the mystery products they spy on social media,” according to a recent article on Huffington Post. The site uses crowdsourcing to help users locate and purchase hard-to-find items.
Referred to as a sort of “online bazaar” by Forbes contributor Lydia Dishman, daily deal e-commerce sites like Groupon have recently run into some problems. These sites are still very popular, and even making gains on past falling profits, but retailers are having some trouble haggling deals and customers are purchasing deals that can fall flat of expectations. But there is hope for daily deal seekers. OBaz is a new and more efficient way for daily-deal e-commerce. “The premise now is that users go to oBaz to either play or shop,” and shoppers can build a list of wants with limited promotions and deals that are offered for just a short time. There is also a "look book" feature for users.
Also on the daily deals e-commerce front, some companies are even providing customers the option to bid on and win gift cards and merchandise, all online. The site PennyGrab allows users to win popular products at the lowest prices through a bidding and credit system. Started in 2011, the company set out to create an innovative daily deals e-commerce site that was fun, unique, and also very user-friendly.
Pinterest has perhaps been the moving force for the trend toward more personalized products and services offered online. The e-commerce marketplace is becoming increasingly visual driven and more about crowdsourcing than anything else. Consumers have higher expectations when it comes to price too. If shoppers have the option of surfing the web to find the best daily deals, they will likely purchase these deal vouchers instead of ordering the product or service directly from the retailer. The idea of bidding on items comes straight from E-Bay, but in this new e-commerce environment, bidding has taken on a new meaning. Some like the thrill of the chase and others like the unbeatable deals some e-commerce sites can offer, but no matter your preference it seems that the e-commerce marketplace is in no shortage of innovative and unique platforms for consumers to personalize every aspect of their online shopping experience.