A message from Adam Kokesh's girlfriend

Posted Jul 14, 2013 by Alex Allen
Activist Adam Kokesh's girlfriend recently released a video message on Kokesh's official YouTube channel, following a quick visit with him in prison.
Activist Adam Kokesh s girlfriend
Activist Adam Kokesh's girlfriend
YouTube / Screengrab
There haven't been many new developments with the Adam Kokesh story until today. Kokesh, who was arrested last Tuesday following a SWAT Team raid in his home, is currently being held in prison without bond. Kokesh's girlfriend released a video today on his official YouTube channel in which she discussed the latest developments.
According to Kokesh's girlfriend, Adam is in "good spirits" despite the fact that he is in prison. He was happy to hear about his dog and was apparently laughing about several things. Things are also looking up for his actual legal case as his girlfriend said, "We're going to get him good legal representation." She also appeared very optimistic about his release, saying simply, "He'll be out soon."
Kokesh's bond hearing will be held this Monday morning.