Op-Ed: The friends Iran does not need

Posted Jul 10, 2013 by Alexander Baron
A left wing organisation in London is campaigning to remove Western sanctions against Iran, but the people behind it also have ambitions for Iran that most Iranians don't share.
Hassan Rouhani has won Iran s Presidential election.
Hassan Rouhani has won Iran's Presidential election.
The picture below is the scan of the front of a card that was distributed recently here in London, and doubtless in other parts of the UK. The organisation that published it is Hands Off the People of Iran, which was founded in December 2007. Its slogan "No war, no sanctions!" is something with which no reasonable person could take issue. We have seen war after war after war since Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and the Allies launched the Gulf War to oust him in August 1990.
Sanctions are not themselves an act of war, but the next link in the chain is a boycott, which may be construed as such.
Last month, Iran's strong man President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad left office after completing his second term to be replaced by Hassan Rouhani who is considered a moderate by most Western politicians, who of course want him to be even more moderate and ask how high every time they shout jump. The comrades are not satisfied though, including HOPI. So who are they?
As might be expected, the organisation includes Iranian exiles and a number of organisations with the name Iranian in the title, such as Iranian Workers Bulletin, whose website used to be in English, but is currently not in Farsi but Japanese. Running it through Google Translate will give an even bigger surprise.
The word Workers appears in the current membership list a number of times, but that word too can be deceptive. There is Uche Odinukwe of the Socialist Workers Party who is based not in Nigeria, but Cork; and quite a few that include the word Socialist in their title. Then there is Diane Abbott, the black Labour MP who whines about racist taxi drivers not stopping for her, but sends her son to a private school — very egalitarian; the grand old man himself Tony Benn (it's difficult to believe but true that he — Viscount Stansgate — was an RAF pilot in the Second World War); and last and by all means least Peter Tatchell, who is said to be the Green Party candidate for Oxford East. For the sake of his pride if nothing else, let's hope he does better than the first time he stood for Parliament. You see, Mr. Tatchell is the man who managed to lose a safe Labour seat in the Battle of Bermondsey. The reason he lost it is not far to seek, 30 years ago, the working people of Britain were not prepared to allow a proselytising homosexual to represent them. Here is Mr. Tatchell waxing lyrical about the joys of gay porn:
"My glossy coffee table book, 'Safer Sexy', has close-up, full-colour photos of 65 hard-ons, 23 images of oral and anal penetration and, on page 68, a glorious fisting pic next to the slogan: "FIST...whatever turns you on, enjoy it safely".
It remains to be seen if there is anything either safe or sanitary about fisting, and there is certainly nothing Islamic about it. The HOPI campaign includes not only fighting Imperialism but Iran's Islamic values, and its sexual mores. Potential Iranian and Moslem supporters should bear that it mind next time they bend over to pray in the mosque.