Child killer experiences prison justice

Posted Jul 9, 2013 by Alexander Baron
Less than two months ago, Mark Bridger was given a life sentence for the murder of a young girl. On Sunday, he experienced a different kind of justice.
South Wales Police
The murder of April Jones was one of the most shocking and senseless we have seen here for a long time. After Bridger snatched the young girl off the street, only bone fragments, blood and DNA traces of her were found, and after his conviction on overwhelming evidence, he was given the mandatory life sentence. He has since learned that is not his only punishment, because unless he is kept in solitary confinement, he runs the constant risk of being attacked by other inmates.
Bridger is being held at Wakefield Prison, the so-called Monster Mansion, and on Sunday he was taken to hospital where he was treated for a throat injury, having been slashed with a makeshift blade.
Two years ago, child killer Roy Whiting was attacked in the same prison. He was nearly blinded by lifer Rickie Tregaskis.
Attacks of this nature are not uncommon, especially on child killers, usually they are carried out by plastic gangsters out to bolster their non-existent reputations. Another inmate who remains a constant target for attack is baby-faced Soham murderer Ian Huntley. Although such men are contemptible beyond belief, the prison authorities rightly take a dim view of this sort of thing, if only because discipline must be maintained, and if the inmate who attacked Bridger is identified he will be charged and taken to an outside court, even if he is himself already serving a life sentence.