Video: Morsi supporters throw teen off ledge, beat him to death

Posted Jul 7, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
A video posted to YouTube Saturday appears to show pro-Morsi demonstrators in the city of Alexandria, throwing a teenager off a ledge on the roof of a building and beating him to death with sticks as he lay on the ground after falling.
Morsi supporters throw teenager off ledge
Morsi supporters throw teenager off ledge
Warning: Graphic content
According to Al Arabiya, the boy and his friends had been out celebrating the ousting of President Muhammad Morsi when they ran into a mob of pro-Morsi protesters.
The video, widely circulated online, appears to have been filmed on a mobile phone camera. It shows the young man and three friends attempting to escape from a hostile crowd identified as Muslim Brotherhood supporters of Morsi.
The mob trapped them on a 20ft ledge situated on the roof of a building in the Sidi Jaber area of the city, and began throwing rocks at them.
One of the attackers, a bearded man, is shown carrying a black-and-white al-Qaeda flag.
Some of the attackers climbed after the young men. The video shows the first teenager being thrown off the roof. He lies motionless on the ground as the mob surrounds him and beat him in the head with sticks.
A second boy is also shown being thrown off the ledge.
Meanwhile, a large crowd of demonstrators are on the street armed with sticks and swords. The sound of gunfire can be heard in the background.
Al Arabiya reports that one of the teenagers identified as Hamada Badr, 19, died.
His father Mohammed Badr, told el-Watan News on Saturday: "Do you know the teen that they killed and disfigured his body and threw from the fifth floor is only 19 and four days? All he was guilty of was that he was on the roof of the building, celebrating the ouster of Mursi. But the Brotherhood waged a war against whoever was celebrating Mursi’s departure!"
However, Mohammed admitted that his son had been throwing stones at the demonstrators. He said: "After throwing him, they wanted to do the same with the others, but people in the neighborhood stopped them."
A Facebook group called "Six April Students" posted a picture they claimed was the young man thrown off the ledge by people they described as "Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist groups."
According to Al Arabiya, Alexandria was the scene of some of the most violent clashes in the country. At least 46 people were killed across the country in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsi on Friday, with Alexandria recording the highest death toll.