Start-Up Helping Start-ups: SSX Targets International Investors

Posted Jul 1, 2013 by Alyssa Sellors
The Startup Stock Exchange (SSX) launched on June 10th, 2013 as a “a regulated global public marketplace for startup investing.”
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A start-up themselves, this company aims to put small businesses and start-ups in a position to sell ownership shares directly to investors worldwide. SSX operates as a "public stock that helps start-ups raise capital by selling shares of ownership to investors anywhere in the world,” which is ideal for start-ups who need to raise funds with the lowest cost of capital and less paperwork than traditional methods for raising money.
This set up is very beneficial for start-ups and investors alike. As a government regulated international marketplace for funding start-ups, SSX aims at providing a comprehensive and simple process for raising money. Shares are traded freely, leaving investors to buy and sell at any time.
One of the major benefits to investors is the liquid market provided by SSX which allows investors to invest at any level. What sets SSX apart is that “unlike other funding marketplaces, SSX allows anyone to become an Angel Investor”, said CEO Ian Haet. “Using their online brokerage account, they may purchase 1 share, 100 shares, or any amount of shares.” Haet also believes that “SSX will democratize the marketplace, opening opportunity to start-ups, early stage businesses and emerging companies.”
More and more individuals and businesses are branching out from the traditional stock exchange market and seeking more transparency as well as greater liquidity, and this is great news from an investors stand point. According to Chris Rowe, an internationally respected authority on stocks and trading, “to outperform the market, you have to master all of the factors that determine when a company’s shares are most likely to rise. It is the combination of indicators, each reinforcing the other, that gives the most accurate barometer of when and where to invest money.” The transparency of SSX allows investors to make more educated decisions when it comes to buying and selling, which is something investors and start-ups alike can enjoy. SSX has truly streamlined the trading process with innovation and accountability, opening up global start-up trade like never before in history.
Interested in getting your start-up on the SSX listing? According to their website, SSX provides a multi-step fee structures that begin with a $25 executive summary, $500 business plan review, $2500 due diligence, and a final $2500 listing approval. SSX also charges a 1.5% commission on trading. SSX accepts start-ups from all business sectors, worldwide. They prepare the listing using a step by step application online process, helping your business improve every step of the way. This structure is ideal for start-ups that might lack funds or manpower to list on a traditional stock exchange.