Skype creates 'impossible' family portrait for Ugandan

Posted Jun 30, 2013 by Owen Weldon
Skype and an artist helped create what is being called an 'impossible family portrait' for a man, Denis, who fled his native country of Uganda.
Ugandan family portrait
Ugandan family portrait
Skype / Screengrab
According to MSN, Denis had no possessions or even photos of home when he fled Uganda, and he only had about $5 on him.
Today, he is working towards a masters degree in Philadelphia, but he still cannot go back to Uganda due to safety reasons. However, he communicates with Simon, his small son, using Skype and he is able to share stories and communicate with the the rest of his family, but Skype decided to help him get an 'impossible family portrait'.
According to SkypeStayTogether, Skype contacted artist John Clang, who used a projector and a video call to help him create the portrait.
According to HyperVocal, the video shows the portrait being created, as well as giving viewers a glimpse into Denis's life.
The end result of the project is Denis standing shoulder to shoulder for a portrait over Skype.