Op-Ed: Tunisia embarrassed by FEMEN activists

Posted Jun 28, 2013 by Gibril Koroma
Three women, two French and one German have just been released from jail in Tunisia, an Islamic North African country. Their crime? Demonstrating topless in front of a court in Tunis, the capital.
FEMEN members
FEMEN members
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The three women are members of FEMEN, a Ukranian militant group fighting for the rights of women that was founded by the Ukranian economist Hana Hutsol. They were arrested and jailed last May after a four-month sentence but they were released yesterday after they publicly apologized for their actions.
They got on a plane and a few hours later they held a press conference in Paris where they promptly retracted the apology, saying what they did was the right thing. They were demonstrating in support of another FEMEN member, a Tunisian woman called Amina Sboui who had been jailed by the Tunisian authorities fro also demonstrating topless for rights of women and equality among the sexes in Tunisia.
Amina Sboui has both supporters and critics inside her country, Tunisia. Her mother says she suffers from depression and has been treated for such at a Tunisian hospital while her father, her strongest supporter, however thinks her actions are excessive (she posted topless photos on her Facebook page). Her lawyer, a prominent human rights lawyer, says she supports her but thinks she is a "lost" young woman.
What this all means is that the islamists who now rule Tunisia are not going to have it easy with women who have been suppressed for centuries in this Muslim country.