Financial marketers discuss content marketing at rooftop event Special

Posted Jun 26, 2013 by Michael Krebs
At the Financial Communications Society's Case Studies in Multi-Channel Content Marketing event, panelists found a common thread in "device agnostic" content.
File photo: A Multi-Channel Content Marketing event  New York City
File photo: A Multi-Channel Content Marketing event, New York City
The weather complied for the Financial Communications Society's Case Studies in Multi-Channel Content Marketing panel on Tuesday night. The FCS held the event on a rooftop setting at the National Geographic's offices in downtown Manhattan, featuring panelists from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.
Having become a buzzword among digital advertisers of every category, multi-platform content marketing executions appear to have found their footing in the financial services sector—and this footing was underscored by the FCS panelists.
"We need to explain what we do," said Amanda Rubin, marketing lead at Goldman Sachs, "but we have to add value to our audience through content."
Financial services marketers are often challenged with the limits of traditional advertising. It is difficult to deliver a narrative in the short-form environments of a television, print, or digital advertisement—particularly when having to explain points of differentiation in a competitive landscape, and to make these points to a sophisticated audience. Longer-form content marketing solutions allow firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to associate with bigger picture themes; for Goldman Sachs, those macro themes might center on manufacturing or on social impact investing.
But, of course, none of this is easy.
"We started in digital and in video to show the people of Goldman," Rubin said. And now, according to Rubin, the advertising investments are shifting to social media and to content production - and those costs are beginning to escalate.
The FCS event was a sold-out affair, and the rooftop delivered an ideal setting for the discussion.