Thousands of Washington State workers face potential layoffs

Posted Jun 24, 2013 by Alex Allen
Thousands of Washington State government employees are receiving notices that they could face a potential layoff if lawmakers are unable to reach an agreement in order to prevent a government shutdown.
US Capitol
United States Capitol - Washington, D.C.
Wadester16 (CC BY 3.0)
On Monday, thousands of Washington State employees received furlough notices telling them they could be laid off temporarily unless lawmakers agree on a budget.
In just one week, the state of Washington will face a government shutdown if a budget agreement has not been reached. According to The News Tribune, House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan, a Democrat, said, "We've got some big pieces that still have to be resolved."
Several state lawmakers are optimistic that a government shutdown will not occur but they've been working on a budget since the beginning of the year.