'Monsters University' wins but 'World War Z' surprises

Posted Jun 23, 2013 by Tim O'Brien
"Monsters University" took the box office title from "Man of Steel" with ease and fought back zombies as well. It was a monster weekend for the animated flick as it took in an impressive $82 million.
Pixar Animation Studios
"Man of Steel" is third while "World War Z" did over perform for a solid $66 million second place finish. The Superman saga fell 65 percent in its second weekend out.
1. "Monsters University" - $82 million
2. "World War Z" - $66 million
3. "Man of Steel" - $41 million
4. "This Is the End" - $13 million
5. "Now You See Me" - $7.8 million
Overall, a healthy couple of weekends as summer box office rolls on. It is also tale of theater counts. Two films right now command over 4,000 screens, which means a movie like "World War Z" did better than perhaps some thought. It was on far less screens. Brad Pitt fighting off zombies in a doomsday film sparked that second place finish. It was also the best opening for a Pitt movie.
"Monsters" win shows the power once again of family films, while the zombie theme continues to play well. It is not often the second place finishers gets the same amount of ink as the winner, but with "World War Z" it is not out of line. This movie bounced back from the dead, so to speak. Budget problems was just one of the problems the film faced before it premiered. It did what "After Earth" could not do this summer and that was gain an audience out of the gate.
Going in, the "Monsters University" prequel was expected to win but it beat expectations. It is now Pixar's second biggest animated opening after"Toy Story 3" and its $110.3 million haul.
Overseas, "Man of Steel" retained its crown.