Op-Ed: Miami Heat's Ray Allen returning to Boston Celtics?

Posted Jun 23, 2013 by Leo Reyes
Suddenly Ray Allen's popularity soared to its highest level after his game-changing 3-point shot in Game 7 that turned Miami Heat's impending defeat against San Antonio Spurs into another NBA championship title for his team.
Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics
Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics
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Despite the accolades of winning a second NBA Championship title, Allen is reported to be contemplating a move to consider returning to his old team Boston Celtics.
But this was before the Heat bagged their second NBA Title. Not much has been reported on Allen's plans after adding another NBA title to his career record.
"According to people close to Allen and NBA on NBC Boston, Allen would like to opt out his contract with the Heat and retire as a member of the Boston Celtics organization," writes, quoting NBA on NBC Boston.
NBA on NBC Boston @NBAonNBCBoston: "People close to Ray Allen claiming he is thinking about opting out of his contract hoping to return to Boston for 1 year & retire a celtic."
But the two-time NBA Championship titleholder seems unwanted in his old team after moving to the Heat when his chances of getting his second NBA title was getting narrow with Celtics' dwindling performance in the closing games.
Allen has a player option to opt out of his team in 2014 to become a free agent, allowing him to return to Celtics' arm and retire there for good. Allen is now 37 and he could be thinking of a grand way out.
But fans are saying Allen's reported move is ill-advised if not downright stupid. They know that the guys he left behind in Boston were simply offended after opting for the Heat last summer for a much lower pay just to boost his chances for another NBA title courtesy of the Heat.
Boston supporters are saying that Allen may be doing what LeBron James did when he trashed Cleveland in favor of the Heat for the same reason.
It may be recalled that James got a beating from Cleveland fans who were critical of his move to junk his home team in favor of the Heat for his own personal benefit without thinking about his hometown fans.
Teammates as well as fans say that Allen's reported plan to move back to Boston is nothing but a wild rumor.
Allen's teammate Dwayne Wade said, “The greatest thing I can say is after Game 7 [of the Eastern Conference finals], we were all sitting in the middle of the ropes, and Ray was just smiling so big and he said, ‘Last year I was on the outside of these ropes. And this year I’m on the inside. And this is what I came here for.’
“We're glad that he can sacrifice the way he did and take a lot of criticism as well to come and be a part of an organization, of a team, that he felt was special and that can really use his talents and his ability. And it worked. It worked out for him. He now has another opportunity to play in another Finals.”
NBA fans as well as noted basketball writers say the reported plan won't happen now that he got his second NBA title courtesy of the Heat. Even before Game 7, writers have already discounted the possibility of Allen returning to his old team.
"So, no, this is unlikely to happen, especially given that Allen is four wins away from his second title," NBA writer Matt Moore said in reaction to the news.
"Why would he give up what he has in Miami for Boston's slowly sinking ship?" he asked.