Man uses thousands of Post-it notes to create marriage proposal

Posted Jun 22, 2013 by Leigh Goessl
A Colorado man recently created an elaborate wedding proposal that took a lot of hard work and dedication. He also decided to take a very unique approach.
Brett Beutler  26  of Littleton  Colo.  uses 8 000 Post-its to propose to girlfriend
Brett Beutler, 26, of Littleton, Colo., uses 8,000 Post-its to propose to girlfriend
Photo Courtesy Deanna Beutler
What 26-year-old Brett Beutler did was use 8,000 Post-it notes covered in declarations of love. Beutler first wrote "I love you" on each Post-it note. According to ABC News' Denver affiliate, this took several months to complete.
Next he enlisted the help of some people close to him to help construct the proposal. Each Post-it was stuck on the wall. Most of them were the traditional yellow, but for the big question of "Will you Marry Me?", these were spelled out using brightly colored Post-its.
Media reports indicated it took three people about seven hours to organize and stick all of the little love notes to Megan Loosli's living room walls.
“I came home from work and walked in the door, and wow, it was ridiculous,” Loosli, 24, told “We had picked out the ring and everything, but he gave me this story that it takes a couple weeks to actually get it, so I was thinking July. But then I walked in, and I was shocked for sure.”
The newly engaged couple plan to marry in August.
26-year-old Brett Beutler came up with an elaborate wedding proposal which involved 8 000 Post-it no...
26-year-old Brett Beutler came up with an elaborate wedding proposal which involved 8,000 Post-it notes, each carrying the handwritten message "I love you"
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KARE News 11 noted thousands of boyfriends are "cursing a Denver man for setting the marriage proposal bar way too high".
And perhaps this is true. But there have been a couple of other unique and carefully planned proposals over the past year, indicating that perhaps raising the proverbial bar is a new trend.
Recently, Digital Journal reported the story about the man who custom built a video game to propose to his girlfriend. In that proposal the girlfriend had to actually play the game, receiving clues along the way. In the end, she found her boyfriend (in person) standing behind her on bended knee holding a ring.
Then there was another man who put a lot of thought and organization into his proposal. In May 2012, a man created a choreographed video to Bruno Mars' "Marry Me". The video, which was described as the "Live Lip-Dub Proposal", quickly went viral (today stands at 21,037,199 views). His video included over 60 people who helped orchestrate this marriage proposal.