Op-Ed: Anti-Chinese 'racism' in Ghana

Posted Jun 18, 2013 by Alexander Baron
In a bygone era, the Western powers developed Africa, but today are remembered only as wicked "Imperialists." Now the Chinese are getting the same treatment.
A former slave fort in Keta  Ghana
A former slave fort in Keta, Ghana
Five years ago today, the London Daily Mail reported on how the Chinese were taking over Africa. That may be a slight exaggeration, but up until then and since, the rising super-power has invested heavily in the Dark Continent. Alas, it seems that although Chinese investment is welcome, Chinese people are not, at least not always.
According to the English language website Shanghaiist Dot Com, 124 Chinese miners were beaten by the Ghanaian authorities after being arrested recently. These allegations were accompanied by some harrowing photographs, which at present remain unconfirmed.
Recently, the BBC World Service programme Business Matters reported on Chinese gold mining in the country known formerly as the Gold Coast; it appears that not all of it is legal, but even violent criminals may not be beaten gratuitously, and the Chinese Government has rightly expressed annoyance.
According to the usual socialist claptrap, racism arose out of the need by the European powers to justify the oppression of their colonial subjects. Leaving aside such nonsense, it appears the boot is now well and truly on the other foot. And however much the natives may resent the apparent invasion of their country by alien races, this sort of barbarism should not be tolerated in Ghana anymore than it is in Britain.