'Ideas at Work': Panasonic Exhibits New Workplace Solutions

Posted Feb 11, 2004 by Mike Drach
TORONTO (djc) — Panasonic Canada presented its “Ideas at Work” exhibit today at Toronto’s Westin Harbour Castle hotel, featuring its latest workplace solutions from various categories. Among the highlights were:
Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook
Toughbooks are the favoured laptops of police forces across the world and even the U.S. military. – Photo: djc Features
Featuring a 1.2 GHz low-voltage Intel M processor, this wireless-ready laptop contains the fastest operating system yet in Panasonic’s ultra-rugged Toughbook series.
The favoured laptop of police forces across the world and even the U.S. military, Toughbooks are fully sealed and protected from shock, vibration, water, dust, heat and cold. It is enclosed in a magnesium alloy case, and the hard drive is shock-mounted for extra durability. Its integrated antenna is also reinforced and retracts into the case.
Also under the hood is 512MB SD RAM (expandable to 1GB), a 60GB hard drive and an 11.1V lithium-ion battery for four hours of continuous use. The notebook also features a 13.3-inch anti-reflective touch-screen LCD.
Panasonic TY-TP42P6S/TY-TP50P6S Touch Panels
From Panasonic Broadcast comes two new touch-screen panels for its 42-inch and 50-inch plasma displays. These lightweight aluminium overlays seamlessly affix to Panasonic plasma displays, allowing you to interact with the screen with a light touch of the finger or stylus.
Although earlier versions of this technology relied on a grid that is physically placed over a screen, the TY-TP42P6S and TY-TP50P6S touch panels use a sophisticated series of optical sensors around the border. This creates an infrared grid that reliably responds to any movement, and causes no image quality deterioration.
This technology is useful for boardroom presentations, showrooms and even hospitals. For instance, a car dealer could virtually guide a customer through a car’s interior, if that particular model is not physically in the room. You can also write notes directly on the screen with the available Touch Pen.
Panasonic WV-NW474S Network Camera
Panasonic’s new WV-AS710 Network Server Software distributes full-motion images via an IP network. Wanda Day from Panasonic Canada, explains to the media how the system works. – Photo: djc Features
The new WV-NW474S adds to Panasonic’s latest line of vandal-resistant colour security cameras, featuring a protective die-cast aluminium dome and shock mounts.
The WV-NW474S uses Super Dynamic II technology to deliver a wide 64x range and 480-line colour resolution (or 570-line resolution in black-and-white mode).
Panasonic’s new WV-AS710 Network Server Software allows the user to program an entire security network for digital transmission, using an existing IP or even the Internet to view security installations from any location.
The network can be programmed for camera movement, rotation, access level control and automatic day/night switching modes for 24-hour monitoring. The software also features email alarm notification, shutdown scheduling, event search and date/time search for faster recall.