Palestinian man dies of heart attack after arrest of son

Posted Jun 15, 2013 by Paul Iddon
A Palestinian man in Nablus suffered a massive heart attack as his son was arrested by Palestinian Authority security agents.
Palestinian Protest - NYC
Palestinian Protest - New York City.
Emmanuel Randon
The Jerusalem Post and Ma'an News Agency report that 62-year-old Sa'di al-Sakhel was killed by a heart attack when Palestinian Authority forces arrested his son Musab.
The PA arrested the son on the grounds that they suspected he was a member of Hamas. He was released by the authorities immediately after his father was pronounced dead after being brought to the Al-Arabi Hospital in Nablus.
The man's death has seen to angry demonstrations clash with PA police forces as they tried to storm a police station.
A campaign operating under the slogan "I don't care" is currently underway. Its stated purpose is to undermine PA security forces attempts to randomly interrogate those they suspect of supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This follows in the foot steps of a campaign undertaken two years ago carried out under the banner of "I'm Not Going [for interrogation]."
Organizers of these demonstrations claim that PA security forces have either arrested or brought in for interrogation 120 Palestinians in the last few weeks on the ground that they may have Hamas affiliations. Many of those targeted by the Palestinian Authority for such questioning were only previously released by Israeli jails.
Another son of al-Sakhel for example, Nael, was released from an Israeli prison in 2011 as part of the prisoner swap with Hamas for the Israeli soldier they were holding captive, Gilad Shalit.