Oops: German bank employee dozes, transfers €222,222,222.22

Posted Jun 13, 2013 by Anne Sewell
The employee was supposed to transfer €62.40 from a retiree’s bank account, but fell asleep with his finger on the "2" key and transferred €222 million instead. Thank heavens he wasn't typing the number "9."
Computer keyboard.
Computer keyboard.
R. Jason Brunson, U.S. Navy
In what was supposed to be a minor transaction, the worker literally fell asleep on the keyboard and made a multi-million euro mistake, with his pinkie stuck on the "2" key.
Instead of the small amount of €62.40, he withdrew €222,222,222.22 ($295 million) instead, which is around $313 million.
Luckily for the unnamed retiree, another colleague spotted the transaction and reversed it, but the supervisor of the errant bank employee lost her job.
Equally luckily for the employee, a German labor court ruled on Monday that the man's supervisor was unfairly dismissed for failing to notice that one of her underlings had made such a huge mistake.
The court in Hessen, Germany ruled that the 48-year-old supervisor should have merely been reprimanded, not fired. They said her mistake was genuine and that she had also checked 811 other documents that day.
Believe it or not, the dozing employee was merely admonished for his mistake. Go figure. Maybe he should read the "Complete guide to sleeping at work."