Polish man steals flowers from florist as nearby TV crew films

Posted Jun 11, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
A man in Poland stole a bouquet of flowers from a florist and thought he'd gotten away with it. However, what he failed to notice was the TV crew filming live not far from his theft. The camera caught the grabbing of the flowers and him running away.
Red rose
Red rose
The man, Andrzej Czapka,, later told police he had broken up with his girlfriend, or rather she broke up with him, and wanted to buy her flowers to get back on her good side. The problem was he had no money.
Police say they received numerous phone calls from people watching the live footage on TV who recognized Mr. Czapka. They apparently did not feel disloyal about turning him in.
What is unknown is if he managed to get the flowers to his ex-girlfriend before police got him, and if he did get them to her, did she take him back? It's also unknown if the reason she broke up with him in the first place was that he never had any money.