Canadian Summer: Above average, says Chris Scott, Weather Network

Posted Jun 4, 2013 by Marcus Hondro
The Weather Network's Chris Scott is one of Canada's leading weather experts and he's calling for summer conditions that will more often be above average when it comes to that which we all crave - heat. The weather will be topsy-turvy in June, however.
Hot summers mean full beaches  like Kits Beach in Vancouver.
Hot summers mean full beaches, like Kits Beach in Vancouver.
"The one hiccup is that especially to start the summer we could see this 'upside-down' weather pattern at times where even the far south of Canada could see some cool conditions," Scott told media Tuesday.
Scott, meteorologist and forecast operations manager at The Weather Network in Canada, notes some parts of the country won't be as lucky as others. The best news is for British Columbia, Alberta and from eastern Quebec to Atlantic Canada, where it will be much like last summer with temperatures above normal.
Overall, summer should be a good one in the rest of the country, too, but not as good in the regions noted about. While June and July will bring with them some good-quality storms around Canada, Scott said to expect plenty of time for recreation.
"There will be lots of opportunity for beach weather to go around, even in those areas where it may not be as warm as last year," Scott said. "We think conditions will be fairly favourable for people enjoying the outdoors overall."