RCMP officer's head shaving fundraiser raises over $4700 Special

Posted May 31, 2013 by Derik Paatan
Officer Anita Hart organizes a head-shaving fundraising event, to raise additional funding for the Brandon Regional Health Centre.
Officer Anita Hart smiles at her new hair do after the fundraiser.
Officer Anita Hart smiles at her new hair do after the fundraiser.
For about three weeks Anita Hart in Manitoba started a campaign to raise funds and awareness for kidney disease. She reached out to local groups, businesses and associations.
As the word spread out, people started to send out cheques and donations. Support was coming in from various Lion’s Clubs and local community groups, businesses, friends, neighbors, and family. RCMP members showed support by joining the head-shaving and other supporters who shared posts of head-shaving on social media sites.
Karen Chrest, Director of Development for the Brandon Health Foundation, said: “the funds will go back to the community through the purchase of better medical equipment and funding to increase in the quality of service provided.” She mentioned that funds from civilian-run events are welcomed contributions to the Health Centre’s fund raising efforts. Funds collected will specifically support of the Health Centre’s Renal Department. According to Karen Chrest, additional benefits will be from the attraction of specialists who work in the area. Information on other programs and services are available on their website.
Although the fundraiser was held on May 25, support is still coming in and according to Officer Hart, who is scheduled for a medical reassessment for her kidney condition, she says she will keep accepting donations and funds as long as they keep coming in.