Pennsylvania man calls 911, Bigfoot left tracks behind his house

Posted May 29, 2013 by JohnThomas Didymus
The police in Altoona, Pennsylvania received a 911 call from a resident John Winesickle on May 14. Winesickle claimed he saw Bigfoot tracks in the local woods behind his home where he often goes for a walk.
Bigfoot tracks  Altoona  Pa.
Bigfoot tracks, Altoona, Pa.
John Winesickle
The partial transcript of the 911 call:
Person 1: [...]Mr. ___, 97 Spruce Street[...]?
Officer: Negative
Person 1: [...] called 911 advising that he contacted the Game Commission to call him back; wants a police officer to come to his residence. Apparently he has proof there of Bigfoot.
Officer: Bigfoot, right?
Person 1: That’s affirmative, he has evidence …uh…proving Bigfoot. He would like a police officer to come there.
Officer: Apparently there’s a large amount of smoke in that area…
[*static*] Spruce Street.
A police officer was dispatched to investigate.
Reports say Winesickle took the responding officer through the woods behind his house and showed him what he claimed were Bigfoot tracks.
The investigating officer was not impressed. He thought the tracks were made by a mother bear. But rumors soon spread in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch community that a hunter had shot and killed a Bigfoot and that the presence of one in Somerset County had been confirmed.
The origin of the rumor remains unclear, but "news" spreads very fast in the online Bigfoot community.
The rumors stated that a hunter had shot a Bigfoot while hunting turkey.
Discovery News reports that the rumors apparently attracted outside attention. A helicopter was seen hovering over Winsesickle's home. It has not been confirmed who dispatched it but speculations about it were typical: "Was it the news media? Federal agents assigned to retrieve the Bigfoot and silence witnesses? A false-flag operation initiated by the Obama administration to take away the rights of law-abiding hunters and gun owners?"
Doubtful News blog investigating the story got in touch with Eric Altman, director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and concluded in agreement with the police that "there was no substance" to the reports that a Bigfoot had been shot near Altoona.
According to Doubtful News, it turned out that Winesickle was a believer in Bigfoot who saw tracks in the wood behind his home and made assumptions consistent with his beliefs.
Doubtful News reports that Winesickle contests police claim it was a bear. He said: "The police have been very nice to me, [but] It wasn't a bear, it was Bigfoot."
He showed reporters several photos of alleged Bigfoot tracks, saying he heard sounds as well.
Wearecentralpa reports that in an interview with WTAJ, he said: "No, No. A bear can't go down a steep bank on all twos. This is Bigfoot." He added: "The voice is so deep. I've heard bass singers on television and they can't even come close to the bass sound it made to me."
He explained that was not his first encounter with the creature. It ran away before he could get close in a previous encounter. He said: "It's deathly afraid. It won't hurt you."
Doubtful News investigator reportedly commented: "The current Bigfoot scene is awash with hype, rumors, backstabbing, hoaxing and rampant unprofessional behavior. You have to look for the few who are interested in answering the question: What, if anything, happened here?"
Bigfoot believers say the creature is half-human, a hairy humanoid creature native to the Pacific Northwest of the US. Some say it is the result of mating between modern human females and Neanderthals, 15,000 years ago. Various eyewitness reports suggest it is almost seven feet tall, hairy about 500 pounds, big eyes, and low forehead.
As News Max notes, the description sounds like a bear.
But Bigfoot fans are undaunted. News Max reports that the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has scheduled a search for the elusive "beast" in Michigan Upper Peninsula at the end of July.